18 March 2014


Opening Reception
on Friday | May 30th 2014 | 4 p.m.

May 30th to July 20th 2014

At Gallerí Klúka/Pool House | Hótel Laugarhóll | Bjarnarfjörður | 510 Hólmavík | Iceland | http://www.laugarholl.is/

Starting a visual and environmental study on Strandir in the Islandic West Fjords in May 2011, the interests changed from the obvious first impressions of the people and the landscape to recognising the deep possibilities and the impact of this environment on the artists work in general.

The exhibition “Immaculacy of Mockup” at the pool house of Hótel Laugarhóll in Bjarnarfjörður from May 30th to July 20th 2014 will combine the photographic work on the practical formation of pictures with the ambivalence of the meaning and central contention of the scientific model concept. It will show analog pictures, all taken on the beach of Zeebrugge in Belgium, of icosahedron models with attached digital photos of objects of scientific interest. The icosahedron is one of the five Platonic solids and associated with water as it’s classical element since the antiquity.

The scientific claim to be able to cover and explain everything known and unknown will be confronted with the self-assertion of art and the indeterminacy of poetry. 20th centuries German poet, playwright and well known Marxist Berthold Brecht contributes his narration of Galileo Galilei (1564-1634), prosecuted advocate for the heliocentric model. Brecht’s epic theatre with it’s concept of denying an experience of emotional engagement in the spectators to be able to develop a critical and analytical perspective on the dramatic topic, to become an active observer. His use of explicit techniques to demonstrate the construction in his play broaches the difference between reality and it’s representation. The difference between a rational conception and the actual experience an artwork appears – it even shows occasionally the lack of poetic expression. Buy nothing is more needed than poetry itself.

So the productive artistic failure of trying to incorporate the physical presence of a model in a photographic picture is to show that he claimed immaculacy of scientific model thinking needs to be extended with poetry – the other, the animal and death itself. Rationality fails in covering life as a whole, unable to emphasise and express it’s vulnerable immanent magic. And this uncertainty is a key feature in the assemblage of reality.

GALILEO: Now start the sun moving.
ANDREA moves the rings: That’s great. But we’re so shut in.
GALILEO drying himself: Yes, I felt that first time I saw one of those. We’re not the only ones to feel it.
He tosses the towel to Andrea, for him to dry his back with.
Walls and spheres and immobility! For two thousand years people have believed that the sun and all the stars of heaven rotate around mankind. Pope, cardinals, princes, professors, captains, merchants, fishwives and schoolkids thought they were sitting motionless inside this crystal sphere. But now we are breaking out of it, Andrea, at full speed. Because the old days are over and this is a new time. For the last hundred years mankind has seemed to be expecting something.
Our cities are cramped and so are men’s minds. Superstition and the plague. But now the word is ‘that’s how things are, but they won’t stay like that’. Because everything is in motion, my friend.
I like to think that it began with the ships. As far men could remember they had always hugged the coast, then suddenly they abandoned the coast line and ventured out across the seas.

Bertolt Brecht. Life of Galileo. 1945–1947.


Many thanks to the great people from Strandir who made all of this possible!

Thanks to Tino Grass for the design of invitation card and poster: http://www.tinograss.de/

Digital Images Mounted on Board Icosahedron | Analog Medium Format | Zeebrugge | Belgium | 2013/14

10 July 2016


Archaeological Progression | Analog Medium Format | Iceland | 2016 | Work in Progress

10 June 2016


It’s all because we happened to see clearly where we had to navigate although the situation was dreary. Everything considered to be verifiable, everything correct, every number a connection. But unfortunately, life is not.

Archaeological Progression | Analog Medium Format | Wild Blue Yonder | Rubber Mask | Iceland | Belgium | 2015/16 | Work in Progress

17 September 2014


Der Untergang des Abendlandes vollzieht sich in elliptischen Schwingungen. Und obwohl selten genug offen sichtbar, wird der Effekt des Realen letzten Endes jeden mit vernichtender Brutalität treffen.

Archaeological Progression | Collaborative work with Kurt Heuvens | Düsseldorf | Germany | 2014

15 May 2014


Archaeological Progression | Analog Medium Format | Zeebrugge | Belgium | 2014/15

21 April 2014


Yohakupeeji | Japan | 2014

28 November 2013


»A Nicaise de Cambray, paintre, demourant en la ville de Bruges quant il a joué devant MdS en son hostel avec ses autres compaignons, certain jeu, histoire et moralité sur le fait de la danse macabre.«
Reenactment | Zeebrugge | Belgium | 2013

24 September 2013


Digital Images Mounted on Board Icosahedron | Analog Medium Format | Zeebrugge | Belgium | 2013/14

6 August 2013

Human Remains

Archaeological Progression | Denmark, Iceland | 2013

6 August 2013

Archäologische Progression

Fotografie als grabgebendes Verfahren | Entwurf | August 2013

8 July 2013

Pierre tombale – Le tour est joué.

Plage de la Torche | France | 2013