3 February 2015

TURTLE Filmfest Hólmavík

Festival: August 10 – 16, 2015
Arts Center: May 25 – August 16, 2015

Beyond the Human Story

One week of fearless film related experience in the Icelandic Westfjords. At the crossing of documentary and fiction we explore fear, love and death together.

We believe in narration transgressing any existing category guide-lines to tell the deeper truth about life. This magic core of cinema will be revealed in the city of Hólmavík.

In the whole preparation and festival period there will be permanent Arts Center in the city open all time during these 3 months – producing creative energy with an artist in residence program, movie screenings, concerts, exhibitions and workshops.

The Festival will be open and free for everyone!

Co-Founder and Director: Arne Rawe


10 July 2016


Archaeological Progression | Analog Medium Format | Iceland | 2016 | Work in Progress

10 June 2016


It’s all because we happened to see clearly where we had to navigate although the situation was dreary. Everything considered to be verifiable, everything correct, every number a connection. But unfortunately, life is not.

Archaeological Progression | Analog Medium Format | Wild Blue Yonder | Rubber Mask | Iceland | Belgium | 2015/16 | Work in Progress

12 June 2013


20 Digital Images | Wildlifecam (Moultrie M-990i, Infrared Nighttime Mode) | Rubber Mask | Iceland, West Fjords | 2013

20 February 2013


Thanks to the great people from Strandir in the Islandic West Fjords who made this visual and environmental study possible. The project started in May 2011.